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In every love story there is always kissing, dating, and even happy endings but the love between a high school girl named Bella and a mysterious pailed skin boy by the name of Edward is the most intertwine love you will ever see or read about. The books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn are tails of what Edward and Bella had to go through to either be together, to stay alive or what challenges may come.

In the first book twilight it shows how the two met and came to be. You see Bella just moved to Forks, Washington from Arizona. She becomes the new girl at school and usually as the new kid you either picked on, hit on, or welcomed with opened arms. 2 out of the 3 happened and if you want to find out then I recommend reading the book but getting back to Bella. Bella also notice an awfully strange group of kids in her school that carried lots of strange features to them like none of them came to school on a bright sunny day, they all lived and hanged out with each other, and they all have pale skin.

They were known to be the Cullen's and among them was one that truly caught Bella's eyes and his name was Edward Cullen. Edward was somewhat quiet and mysterious to Bella at first but then Edward got more watchful and curious of Bella. The more Bella saw him or talked to him she would dig out the truth on what really Edward is. She discovers that he holds a strong taste for her, a taste so strong that he wants to bite it out of her. Edward true identity is revealed when Bella confronts him about being a vampire but what holds Edward back from Bella's blood? Is it love? I would read the books if I were.

Discover what else comes along there way and the decisions both Edward and Bella must face. I recommend adding these books to your reading list because once you start reading you always want to find out what happens next or what else could happen? Read along there journey together and see who or what else or in the books.

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This article was published on 2010/04/02