The Way To Get Him Attracted To You Again - Huge Tips To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Again

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When you boyfriend tells you he needs a break, he could be telling you in a nice way that he is no longer attracted to you. There could be many reasons for that to happen, but the way to get him back is to get him attracted to you again. To do that, here are huge tips to make your ex boyfriend want you again.

When the man you love walks away and takes your dreams of a future with him, you want to cry and beg him to come back. That would not make you very attractive to him. By chasing him and constantly calling, emailing or sending text messages, you are only confirming his reason for breaking up with you. You are giving your ex boyfriend reasons to want to live his life without you. Instead you need to show him how much he needs you in his life.

Your best action at this time is to stay as far away from him as possible. Give him time to see what his life is like without you. He fell in love with you when you started dating and he is still in love with you. The reason he split, could have been caused by him becoming disillusioned. He might want the woman he fell in love with, but he does not see her anymore.

When a relationship is going smoothly, it is easy to take each other for granted. You become careless and do not worry about always looking your best. You might slip into wearing sweats too often and he might not always shave. You accept his short comings, but he does not accept yours. This might sound one sided, but men become disillusioned easier than women.

Since you want your ex boyfriend to be attracted to you again, you will have to become the woman he fell in love with again. Go to a good salon and get a new hair style, manicure and maybe a tan. Then go shopping for new clothes to accent your new look. When you are satisfied that you are as near to the woman he fell in love with as possible, show yourself to him.

Get with your friends and go out to have some fun. Be sure to stop by the places your ex boyfriend hangs out and let him get a good look at you. Ignore him and flirt with other guys and then leave. Seeing the woman he fell in love with again and having her ignore him and flirt with other guys will make him wild. He will be attracted to you again, but more than that he will feel challenged.

Being challenged will make him start chasing you again. When that happens you are back where you were when you met him and you know what to do. Play hard to get for a while and then let him catch you. But, be sure you do not waste this second chance. Always look your best and keep him guessing and he will never become disillusioned again.

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The Way To Get Him Attracted To You Again - Huge Tips To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Again

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This article was published on 2010/09/28
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