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Love in a relationship as you get older is growing, changing, is being transformed.

How long does the marriage at this time? Seven, ten, fifteen years. How did my grandparents to meet its "Silver Jubilee" and stay together only until one of the two ceased to exist?

How did love to live together happily, with projects and above all respect for so many years.

The love they had was a love commitment. Where no one imagined or speculated worse with divorce if things did not work. Divorce, what was that?

Lasting marriages

People 30, 40, 50 years married forever.

And indeed they were happy. How?

Working men and women were in the house, cooked, cared for their children and look forward to their beloved men, and basically did not complain.

Respect the principles and family were key factors for a lasting relationship.

My grandparents have done.

But over the years, changes, fashions, customs and a few more seasonings, made things start to differ between men and women and that erupted in a number of different ways of relating to each other.

My parents are happily separated, after trying opted for the healthier way, and I

My thirty-six years I am still single, Have not we learned anything?

What was it that changed?

The possibilities we have today relate predispose people to ever cost more to create a lasting bond.

The patient is not the same.

We complain when our washing machine breaks down, as our grandmother's lifetime washed the clothes of your family ... hand and never complained.

They cooked dishes every day, so that our grandparents were satisfied. And they were.

Today women also work with the desire to match the man, (who has had this idea). We went to work and also to meet people, we are in the office and chat with our friends, friends, even our ex-boyfriends. Today we are known through social networks.

And not enough for us so when we left the office we go to bars with our colleagues, to the post office famous bars.

My grandfather would not understand, he just went for coffee from time to time to chat with the boys.

Before the chances was less distracting, and the family was always the best plan.

Some things changed, like it or not. We were all responsible for the change, the good thing is back to the roots, look back and see that much of what is now a little more difficult to achieve, ultimately is what makes us better.

Family and love, life is better.

We young people today should recover those ties as well able to build our grandparents left us, the great lesson of how true love.

Therefore, we need to re-incorporate and be clear about three basic concepts for all living:

* Patience
* Respect
* Sincerity

If we understand it, then so can we enjoy sharing our lives and have a love that will endure as we all seek. Find wedding packages company find Exhibition management and Theme Parties

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Married Forever

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This article was published on 2010/12/22
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