Make Him Love Me - Here is How to Steal His Heart Away

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Are you crushing hard on a particular guy in your life? Have you been asking yourself lately, "How can I make him love me?" Are you completely clueless when it comes to how to turn his head and make him wake up and see how great you would be for him? Don't despair; everybody goes through this at some point in their life. Read on to find out how to go from being clueless as to how he feels to being able to say with confidence, "I can make him love me."

If you are like most other women, you tend to focus your attention on all of the things that are different between men and women. It is true that men think about love, lust, and romance in general, somewhat differently than women do. However, in many ways, men are looking for some of the same things that women feel fulfilled in finding in a mate.

Think seriously about this question: Do you want a guy who is always agreeing with everything that you say and never has anything original of his own to put into the conversation? Odds are you would not find this attractive in a guy. Men don't want to be with women that can't think for themselves. An ambitious, independent woman will keep a guy on his toes. Keep him interested and excited by showing him that you are strong and represent a challenge.

So now you might be asking yourself, "Is being independent really enough to make him love me?" Well, there are a few other tips that will let him see that you are the total package that he has been searching for. You also need to learn to love yourself first. You can't really accept the love of another person unless you know that you are worthy of it. So before you expect him to fall in love with you, you need to make sure that you fall in love with yourself.

Last, in order to be able to confidently say aloud, "I can make him love me", you need to focus on making yourself into someone who is worthy of his love. If he is the perfect man for you, you'll want to be the perfect woman for him too. You don't have to be a saint or a scholar to accomplish that, but you do have to be a nice person who genuinely cares about other people.

Remember, he is watching everything that you do to see what type of woman you are. If you can't even be nice to the waiter at dinner, he is going to think that it won't be long before you turn that attitude on him.

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Make Him Love Me - Here is How to Steal His Heart Away

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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