Make Him Fall in Love - How to Win His Heart and Keep Him Forever!

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So it is time to make him fall in love and move this relationship along right? Are you crazy about him and you are just waiting for him to become crazy about you? How would you like to be able to get this guy to fall for you and wonder what happened to his senses? Well, if you want to make any guy fall in love, there are three things which you must do...

First, make yourself less available to him. Not to be distant or cold, but to help him realize what he is missing. Ever heard this one: "You don't know what you have until it is gone?" Well, if you feel that he is not in love with you and you are crazy about him than he needs to be reminded of what a good thing he has.

Concerned about if this will cause him to lose interest? It won't, it can only reveal that he was not that interested in the first place. Perhaps just used to having you around but that's not the same thing. Right now, he may be crazy about you. He may not realize it but if you give him the space to figure it out then he will be certain.

Second, find something to occupy your time other than him. Don't alienate him, just give him a little more room to come after you. He will, and when he does make sure that you are delighted to have him come after you. What if you feel that you are faking it? Than perhaps you are selling yourself short with him. Either way, better to find out now.

Last of all, do something which he will not forget. Something which makes no sense even. Lean over and kiss him while he is talking to you. When he asks why you did it just smile or say 'because'. Little things like this which seem to have no motivation are irresistible to anyone. Just be sure that it is something discreet and surprising, something which makes you stand out.

Do these things and his entire attitude towards you will shift. You will become something previous and priceless in his eyes and he will want to get a hold of you before someone else does. It will take some time but eventually this can make any guy fall in love and when he does he will be hooked.

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Make Him Fall in Love - How to Win His Heart and Keep Him Forever!

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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