Make a Guy Fall in Love With These "Love Triggers"

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What is it exactly that makes a guy fall in love? Are there really so-called love triggers - things that women do that can get a man hooked? Do you have what it takes to make a man fall in love with you? Ah yes, if only we could get into the mind of a man to find out what would make him fall in love, then there would be no point to all these endless discussions. It's not like women would want to ask the men themselves. So here are a few insights on what really makes a guy fall in love.

Emotional bond

Men may not reveal their real feelings often but they do put a premium on emotions when it comes to relationships. You can only get a guy to commit to a woman when he feels that strong emotional bond with her. But the thing with this bond is that it would go beyond what happens in bed. Physical bonding, for men, is separate from emotions. And that is precisely why there are a lot of men who tend to sleep around.

Your personality

What gets him hooked is not exactly your prowess in bed but your inner beauty. Sure, your drop-dead gorgeous body might count for a lot but that is only as far as physical attraction is concerned. What makes a guy fall in love is really a woman's personality - how she handles herself, her values, her ideals and her overall beauty.

Find out

If you want to get a guy to fall for you, you want to consider focusing on building the emotional bond first before you move on to the physical aspect. When you delay the physical bonding, you buy you and your guy a lot of time to get to know each other outside of bed. You learn more about the person you are with. Falling in love is a gradual process for guys. Waiting around for him to realize that you have exactly what makes a guy fall in love will also help both of you build a lasting foundation for your relationship.

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Make a Guy Fall in Love With These "Love Triggers"

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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