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The one person we all tend to overlook when we think of love is ourselves. Yet - whether we are in a relationship or looking for that special person, whoever he or she may be - the manner in which we regard ourselves will have a marked effect on how we relate to others.

I am not talking about an ego driven love for ourselves that makes us vain, conceited and blind to our failings but instead an acceptance that the person we are, warts and all, is a person capable of being loved by another and able to love in return.

You may have heard of the expression ‘as above, so below', this expresses the theory that whatever happens on a small level is enacted on a greater universal level or vice versa. A practical example of this is the idea that where the planets are placed in the sky will signify not only our personalities, but will also indicate, through their movements and their changing interrelationships with each other, what opportunities and challenges we may face on a day to day basis. This is the prime spiritual law from which all others are drawn. Each law will have a positive effect and a negative effect. The law I wish to discuss in the context of this article is that covering the law of attraction and it's polar opposite the law of repulsion.

We, as humans, communicate with each other verbally and non-verbally. It is easy to recognize peaceful words and gestures as opposed to aggressive ones and act accordingly. From this we form opinions of people, especially on first meeting them. However, we can be misled as it is relatively easy to use dishonest words or gestures. There is another subtle level on which we communicate and that is psychically. We radiate ‘signals' indicating our spiritual energy to others which are acted upon unconsciously. It is impossible to send out misleading or deceptive psychic signals. What is within us will be transmitted outwards. When we connect with someone, we send out a thread of energy. The more we interact with them, more threads are produced, combining into a virtual cord. Some couples develop this link to such an extent that there is empathy or telepathy between them. This empathy will exist only when the link is based on higher level positive energies. The lower energies or negatives will preclude any understanding. The higher energy is love and its opposite is hate. If we assign chakra colours to the emotions then love will be a violet colour whereas hate will be red.  If through our love we can accept unconditionally our own or another's failings then the cord's colour can approach, and in some circumstances adopt, a white radiance, since white is the combination of all colours in the spectrum. Where there is total hatred and rejection then a black colour will be present since black is the absence of light.

Not only should we consider the purity of our psychic signal but also we should ensure it has strength. Think of it like this. A small household candle can emit a pleasant light which can dimly light its surroundings but as we move away from it its radiance diminishes until it is not visible. In contrast a lighthouse or beacon emits a more powerful light capable of being seen from miles away so ensuring safe passage for those utilising its presence.

So what can we do to send our signal out brightly and strongly? We can start by looking at ourselves honestly. If you wish, take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. List all you regard as positive about yourself in one column. For example words like kind, generous, approachable etc. Then in the other column list what you feel to be your failings. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself but what may surprise you is the fact that the good column will be longer than the bad. Now for a bit of editing, Look at each negative and see if it can be changed easily by adopting an alternative attitude. For example you might have written down ‘SHY', could you join in some group activity or society to make you more confident? Draw a line through each changeable item. Do the same in both columns because sometimes we can try too hard to be kind, generous etc and this can draw manipulative people to us. Once you have finished editing the list look at the items left uncrossed, accept that this is the real you and start loving the real you. Yes, you may not be glamorous but this may be balanced by your intellect. Not everybody is looking for outward beauty they may find someone with an ability to mentally stimulate them very attractive. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By accepting that you are not perfect and by being willing to change those flaws that can be changed, you will brighten your signal colour and increase its strength. You will make yourself more psychically noticeable. Also be willing to forgive yourself for mistakes in the past for this will also clean up your signal.

Surround yourself with happiness. Don't dwell on the past, you can't change it how hard you try but you can change the future by how you act in the present. Don't mope around listening to sad music. Find a happy song, a happy film or DVD. Read a funny book. The happier you are, the brighter and stronger the signal you radiate.

If you are trying to find love, send out an advert on your psychic radio station. Visualise what attributes you would like in a partner and broadcast your willingness to meet such a person. A word of warning, don't be too precise in what you want from a potential partner. Be willing to accept that Mr or Miss Right doesn't have to be perfect in every way. Just like you they are human with built in flaws.

Finally, remember the words of the George Benson song;

"Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."

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Loving Yourself

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This article was published on 2010/03/26