Justin Bieber First Love Story Ever

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I was walking around the park with my niece. She was holding her ice cream laughing when some boy with a dog cam and knocked the cone out of her hand. She didnt move. She just looked around with two great big sad eyes. Im so sorry Here let me buy her another one. Said the boy.

His voice...was angelic. Smooth yet raspy. As if you took a wax piece of paper and ran your finger upon it. Im Justin by the way. He added. Luckily, I snapped out of my daze. Summer. I replied. Wow. Ive always loved that name. Its my moms name. He said with a sweet smile.

He handed me 2 dollars for Kaceys my niece new ice cream. Kacey, you see that man over there Go tell him what ice cream you want. I told her. He has ALL those like the pictures She asked with suprise and wide open eyes. Yup. She ran as fast as she could. I only laughed. Hey, um, thanks. You didnt have to do that.

I told Justin with a smile. I know. But I didnt want to feel bad. My dog is gonna get it when he gets home. Haha. He laughed out. I only laughed as well. On second thought...Hes gonna get a big bowl of kibble when he gets home Exclaimed Justin. I was looking into his deep, sharp, brown eyes. Why is that I asked with a nervous giggle. Because he lead me to you.

He replied with a sweet smile. We talked for a while, while Kacey and Justins dog chased eachother in the field. We found out we had alot in common. We also lived 2 blocks away from eacother. We exchanged phone numbers and left.

It was about to be 630 pm. Me and Kacey walked home while I was just thinking about Justin...Justin. I really thought I loved him. I did love him. I do love him. As soon as I got home my phone buzzed. It was Justin. Already he was texting me. I couldnt help but smile.

This was our conversation
J Hey Summers
Me Hey Justin
J No no no you gotta add an S at the end like me
J There we go shawty. Hey theres this thing tonight at my house. A dance. Do you want to come
Me Of course Just text me the details ok
J Ok its at 29 st. the blue-ish house on the left side at 900 pm.

Me Is there anything special I should wear
J Its a mascarade party so wear a dress and a mask ok
Me Got it. See you there.
J And by the way Ill be wearing a black mask with white and green designs. I want you to recognize me
Me Mine will be purple and green
J See you there. Bye
Me Bye

As soon as she texted back bye I wrote I love you. My stupid aerased it and went to the kitchen.
I was going to text back Bye I love you. But I erased it. He probably doesnt even like me. Sigh
Oh well. Guess I should get ready.
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Justin Bieber First Love Story Ever

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This article was published on 2011/04/20