I want my ex girlfriend back!

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Okay, you want your ex-girlfriend back! A relationship is a hard thing, more so when it comes to female - male relationships. People come together, because each of them sees something in the other that she or he likes, but sometimes, things happen, and they separate, because no one is ever 100% perfect, and in many cases, people find out that nothing is what it seems! Even though, these people may want to get back again, and this doesn't just happen, it starts somewhere.

First, if you want to let your ex girl friend knows that you want her back, then, talk with her. It is through this talking that she will realize that you really mean it. Try to be nice to her, and if you never told her that you love her, this is the time to lay it on the table and let her know that you are not complete without her. In the talking, you should never blame her for the shortcomings in the relationship, but rather let the past be gone and tell her that you want to start over again.

Second, do things that you never used to do to her. This will make her realize that you really care about her, and that you can do anything just to let her know that you love her. Some of the things you can do include buying her something good, which will be like a surprise to her, taking her somewhere nice and if you used to frustrate her, apologizing and telling her that you highly regret your conduct. Remember that words spoken have a great impact, even though they may seem insignificant.

Third, relationships are built on love. As much as you could wish to let her know that you want her back, you should never over do it. Love can never be bought by presents or always being nice to someone, but rather being yourself, but being yourself should be the best.

 This is because this girl definitely knows you, and if you try 'pretending' to want her back by being extravagant on her, then it may not work! Just be yourself, and let love speak, other than you trying to speak. Show that you can actually change, because of your love for her, and even if it means dropping some bad habits like being a player, or a cheat, then be ready to show this, because after all you need the lady back.

Lastly, never struggle to let someone know that you love her or you want her back. Ladies many a times make decisions which may never reflect what they really want, due to the circumstances. If you are your best, but she can't realize that all you do is because of the love you have for her, then let it go.

 You may want your ex girlfriend back. However, remember you can't make someone love you; after all, she must have left you because she never liked something about you! If she can't forgive and forget, and love you again, then let go. This will give you peace, because you did your part, you let someone know that you love her.

As a result, all the pain of feeling unaccepted will go away and you will live a happy life, not being a servant of love but someone who knows that love will always find you where you are, the way you are. Although, you want ex back, your ex might not want you back remember; never look for love where it is not.

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I want my ex girlfriend back!

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This article was published on 2012/03/09
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