How to Make Him Fall in Love - How to Convince Your Guy That You Are His True Love

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Are you his one and only or are you still trying to make him fall in love with you? Do you want to take control of the situation and convince him of how great you are? Are you burned out from wondering whether or not he will ever feel what you feel? Lots of women get confused when it comes to knowing how to make a guy fall in love. The good news is that you don't have to remain in the dark. This article will illuminate the way for you to make see that you are the one for him.

Don't get too caught up in worrying about what you aren't. You do not have to be a supermodel with a perfect body and gorgeous face to convince any guy that you are a woman worth pursuing. Sure, guys are initially attracted to how a girl looks, but in the end he will be more concerned with how you think and how to act.
Convince him that you are intelligent and independent. You do not have to be a scholar to come across as intelligent. There is a lot more to being intelligent than having all of the correct answers at trivial pursuit or having a fancy degree. When a guy sees that you can think for yourself instead of always agreeing with what someone else says, he will be impressed and know that you aren't just a pretty face.

Don't think that just because you are ready to take the relationship to a serious level that means that he is there too. Once of the biggest and most common mistakes women make is thinking that their man wants precisely the same things and at the same time as they do. You can really damage the relationship if you push him into committing to you too soon. Instead, try to hold back and let him be the one to suggest moving forward. That way, you will know that his heart is in the right place.

Actions do speak louder than words. If you are trying to get a guy to fall in love with you, you need to make sure that your actions make him want to love you. For instance, it isn't enough to tell him that you think he is special. Show him that you feel that way by talking about the things that interest him. If you take the time to go out of your way learning about the things that matter to him most, he will not be able to resist falling for you.

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How to Make Him Fall in Love - How to Convince Your Guy That You Are His True Love

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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