How To Love Your Boss

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Yes, you have a right to laugh, but really, I'm serious. Of course, as we all know, some bosses are easier to love than others. But it's the bosses that are hardest to love- the really ornery bosses from hell- that we get the most benefit out of loving. Anybody can love a nice guy after all.

Loving your boss doesn't mean you have to buy her flowers or a box of chocolates. You don't have to congratulate or compliment her. You probably really do not want to pat her shoulder and I don't blame you. Heck, you don't even have to smile at her or say good morning. She doesn't need to know that, actually, you love her and probably wouldn't believe it anyway. And if you just can't stand it anymore and decide to tell her to take the job and shove it, love her as you do that too.

So just what the heck am I talking about then anyway? From what I'm saying, loving your boss is pretty much the same thing as ignoring her. But it's not. And the reason for that is that if you have a particularly aggressive or arrogant boss, it may seem from the surface that she is extremely proud and self satisfied. But I can almost guarantee you that such people are among the most miserable and frightened people on this earth. Love for such a person leads to compassion, and that compassion will buffer you from her and leave you calm around her instead of shaking in your boots. If you're lucky, she will actually sense your compassion and perhaps even tone down her act a bit, which will come as a relief to all. People who scream at you, insult you, and humiliate you are sick people and if you respond with hatred then you only join them in their disease. Believe me, when it comes to a hateful boss, it's nothing personal and your time is too precious to respond with anything but the big L.

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How To Love Your Boss

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This article was published on 2010/12/08