How to know if your girlfriend really loves you

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Not all the time does it happen that in relationships, both individuals love each other equally and in the same way. Often it is found that one partner may love the other completely, while the other is just attracted to them. Save your self the trouble of being in a one-sided relationship. In this article we will discuss various signs that tell you if your girlfriend really loves you.

Generally girls are very expressive when it comes to love. Hence it is not hard to spot when your girlfriend is not really in love with you. When a girl really loves her boyfriend, she tends to do little but sweet things for him. You may find it cheesy, but girls like to write poems, make cards, send sweet texts or call you using clichéd yet cute pet names. If she really loves you, you will notice her trying to get close to you when the two of you are walking together or sitting next to each other. She will take every chance to hold your hand. Does she often like to hug you or rest her head on your chest? This is also a sign that she really loves you. Girls, knowingly or unknowingly, like to rest their head on their boyfriend's chest and listen to their heart beating. Try appreciating her or use some flirty lines on her, and check if she blushes. Blushing is a sign of attraction. Girls tend to blush around the one they love. Another sign is, you often catch her looking at you when you are looking away. If she just likes you and is unsure about your feelings for her, she will make sure that you don't catch her checking you out. However, when she's your girlfriend she has no reason to hide her feelings from you; she will often tell you how much she loves you. If your girlfriend really loves you, she will trust you and motivate you to do things. She will respect you and take up for you in front of others. She will proudly introduce you to her friends and family. Last but not the least, if your girlfriend really really loves you, when you look into her eyes, you will see love in her eyes.

These are few but common signs that girls tend to show when they are in love with their boyfriend. All girls more or less tend to show the above signs.

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How to know if your girlfriend really loves you

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This article was published on 2011/09/13
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