How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again After We Have Become Like Just Roommates Sharing A House

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She loves me, she loves me not. How do I get my wife to love me again, you ask? First ask yourself how sure you are that she does not love you. Fortunately, even if her love for you has waned it is likely you can fan those flames and revive her love and save your marriage.

Is there a particular event, like you cheating on her, that has thrown a monkey wrench into your marriage? I hope not, as getting her to love you again is much easier without there having been a serious breech of trust like that.

Have you treated her badly, or, more likely, have you just not shown her the love and attention that you should have?

Spouses in a marriage often, in fact frequently, find themselves drifting apart over time simply because of misplaced priorities caused by the stresses of living in the world of today.

Jobs, money, kids, health problems, family issues, you name it and it can wreak havoc in your marriage. Sometimes those things pit your wife against you and cause her to fall out of love with you.

But often it is simply a matter of neglecting each other and your marriage. That can be corrected with some help.

The problem of one time soul mates becoming more like roommates sharing the same house is so prevalent in society today that it even became an underlying theme in a recent major motion picture.

Perhaps you do go out on "dates" with your wife, but is it so routine that it is not even fun anymore? Chances are that "other" things in your marriage are routine also, if occurring at all.

When there are things you like to do together, you need to make sure that you carve out time to do them. This needs to happen on a regular and often basis. I say often because you might argue that once per year is regular!

Maybe you once enjoyed hiking, or bowling, or even going to a concert or a movie together. Do you still do those things?

Sure, kids add complexities; that is what grandparents are for. (I know, many grandparents think only of themselves with regards to your kids and never give a thought to actually HELPING OUT!)

Find a reliable sitter, and spend time alone with each other. It is going to take time to "get to know each other" again, so do not rush it.

Start right now by consciously making eye contact more often with your wife and smiling when doing so. Let her know that she is on your mind and that you still love her, care for her and want to get her to love you again like she used to.

You want your wife to love you. Saving your marriage is utmost in your mind. Then TAKE ACTION and get concrete answers to "how do I get my wife to love me again".

Is your marriage and regaining your wife's love worth some of your time and maybe even a few bucks from your wallet? I sure hope you agree it is. Then the website to go to is Make your roommate your soul mate once again and live happily everafter.

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How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again After We Have Become Like Just Roommates Sharing A House

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How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again After We Have Become Like Just Roommates Sharing A House

This article was published on 2010/10/30
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