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Do you want your man to fall hard?  Do you want tips to secure him for good?  Are you ready to love him back?  What do you have to give?  Hint: Sex is not the answer to any of the above.

He can love you if you have something special that others don't.

Men obviously love gorgeous women but they secretly love  a wonderful personality even more.  A sweet woman with a kind heart captures a man and it shows you have plenty inside of you.  Real inner beauty is very attractive and makes it easy so that he can love you.

Your man doesn't not want to be with a snotty girl who enjoys gossip and poor attitudes towards people.  You think he wants to be in the restaurant talking and you interrupt to point out another patron's chubby legs and her knock-off handbag?  Nope.

Happiness is hard not to notice on anyone and your man loves your smile.  Men love being with a happy woman who loves to laugh and your man definitely prefers you in a constantly good mood.  If you love to laugh and smile, he'll love to be with you as you laugh and smile together.  No man wants to be with a miserable grouch.

Making him feel he is with a woman constantly PMS will drive him away in a hurry while the opposite will keep him close by.  Bratty girls lose their man and charming women keep them holding on.  You have to be a nice and he can love you right.

You may hear the three words but not likely if you don't have your act together.  Your man won't stick around if you aren't working hard to pay your own way and be an independent woman.  A financially stable women is sexy and shows great responsibility for her own actions in her life.  If you rely on your man, parents, or others he can leave pretty quickly and be honest with yourself to know you don't want a man with a mess of his life and career either. He can love you if you give him plenty to love.

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He Can Love You

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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