Get Your Wife Back in 3 Quick Steps

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It really doesn't matter why your wife left you (or even if you left her). If you want to get her back, you MUST follow these 3 rules like your life depended on it.

Can you do it? After all the bitterness... and all those nasty things you both did and said... and that other guy she says is just a friend? Can you really get her back?

Maybe. With the right coach... and the right game plan... and the right work ethic... and if you follow these 3 steps.

SHOW Your Wife You Love Her Every Single Day

If you want to win your wife back, you must SHOW her how much you love her.

You and your wife aren't together right now, so I'm gonna take a wild guess and say she doesn't know how much you love her. You've gotta change that. Right NOW!

Don't even think about ignoring me on this. No ifs or buts or maybes. You want her back? OK, that's possible... IF you do this every single day. Women need to know how much their men love them... how much they care. So SHOW her. Every day.

Trust me on this. This is a game changer.

And in case I haven't made this point clear, I'll put it another way. Dude, this is critical! If you want her back... don't screw around! Follow this first step... and do it RIGHT!

TELL Your Wife You Love Her

And don't forget to TELL her how much you love her... how much she means to you. Showing's great, but telling's pretty good too. Most men often forget to tell their wives they love them, but you've gotta do it to get her back, so make that a habit.

But mean it when you say it, and never just say it to stay out of trouble. Women have a fine-tuned B.S. detector... so they'll spot a token gesture... then you'll be even worse off.

Relationships don't need to be complicated. In fact, it's a good idea to keep things as simple as possible. And, as long as you love each other--and when you SHOW and TELL your love honestly and often, you'll eventually bring her around--your relationship should be fine.

Talk Honestly and Openly and Work Hard on Your Future

In the next phase of your campaign to get your wife back, you've gotta talk to her... honestly and openly. This will avoid problems before they start.

If you can't discuss certain things with your wife (because you're too embarrassed or she gets upset), then maybe she's just not right for you. Maybe she's not the one you're destined to be with... happily ever after.

But, if you can talk honestly and openly about anything, then you've got a shot at getting back together. So work on that every day too.

How do you get her to open up?

Easy. Let her talk. Don't interrupt. Don't try to solve her problem. Don't pretend to listen while you watch TV. Really listen. And look at her face... and her lips... and deep in her eyes... and make her feel like the most interesting, fascinating, glamorous, desirable woman in the world. She is, right? So make her feel that way. And if she feels fantastic while you're around, she'll keep you around a LOT more.

She'll come back to you if--and only if--you add more value to her life than anybody else does.

What adds value to her lfe? What does she really want?

Aretha Franklin knows. Your wife--and every other woman in the world--wants RESPECT.

And she wants to feel appreciated. How many times did you say "thanks"? How many times did you tell her how much you appreciated what she did for you? How many times did you tell her how much you love her?

Still wonder why she left?

That's the bad news. You probably screwed up big time by taking her for granted... and not giving her enough RESPECT... or APPRECIATION.

But there's also good news. It may not be too late. That other guy (who she says is just a friend) probably doesn't know this stuff... so now you've got the edge. You can take him.

And make her happy.

And by working on these 3 rules every day, you'll soon be the sort of tender, caring man who deserves to have such a wonderful woman back in his arms... where she belongs.

How's that for a win-win-win?

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Get Your Wife Back in 3 Quick Steps

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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