Flirting Tips For Women - How to Attract the Man You Like in Four Sizzling Steps

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Getting a man's attention and attracting him head-over-heels to you seemed to be next to impossible and you think it's almost hopeless for your dating life to ever recover. Hey, what's the worry? Attracting men can be a breeze, downright fun, totally thrilling and definitely amazing! So here are a few flirting tips for women you should definitely try!

  • Build confidence and love yourself. You think being drop dead gorgeous can solve all of your problems. Here's a little trick you should know --- when you see yourself as someone desirable, you become instantly desirable as well. It's the same with girls who always say their fat or their breasts are too flat and they can whine all day about it --- they become less attractive to the guys. The art of flirting relies on your right attitude and mindset. So love yourself. Everything will just follow.
  • Know how to get his attention. Are you wondering how to grab his attention? Now's the perfect time to flirt! Make use of body language flirting and put a little sparkle in your eyes. Of course, wearing something sexy and a little touch of make-up can also help. Be beautiful in his eyes and you'll be attracting the whole of him in no time.
  • Look and feel beautiful. Everything starts from within. So forget being paranoid and thinking you're too fat or breasts are too flat --- when you love your body and you know it's beautiful, men can totally find it very attractive.
  • Play a little hard to get. Men can love a challenge and the more you act a little out of reach, they more they'll try to reach you no matter what it takes. Of course, make sure to send him some subtle signs that "you might just like him but..." That's going to make him in crazy pursuit.
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Flirting Tips For Women - How to Attract the Man You Like in Four Sizzling Steps

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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