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Apart from whimsically plucking a daisy's petals and wondering 'He loves me, he loves me not', how can you gauge his feelings? One can't generalize, but men on the whole find it difficult to express their feelings. It's often left to a woman to try and fathom his deeper feelings. What are some of the signs which you as a woman can watch out for as an indication of whether your man loves you?

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It's good to look at his behavior toward you, observe his body language and listen to what he is telling you. Pretend you are piecing together a puzzle to see a full picture.

When a guy is falling in love with you, he can't get enough of you. He will be eager to call you, see you, spend time with you. A person in love genuinely wants to know your thoughts. He becomes more animated in your presence.

He expresses it- The best way to figure out whether he loves you or not is by simply reading his body language. He would most definitely do little or big things just to show you that he loves you a lot and wants to be with you. He might be shy to actually say the real words but actions tend to speak louder than words.

They can't take their eyes off you

Like a moth to a flame, he won't be able to avoid staring at you. He may look into your eyes for a long time, or he might glance at you compulsively then look away, but one way or another, his gaze is constantly headed in your direction. This is one example of body language -- a great clue about whether someone likes you.

If it's love, he tells you his dreams, life goals and passions. He opens up about favorite memories and shares painful ones at times. When he speaks to you, he is sharing part of his life with you because he wants you in it. If a guy starts a sentence with, "I've never told anyone this before, but…", it's a great sign.

Does he skip guys night out with regularity to be with you? This is a sure fire sign that he loves you. Not many guys skip out on the chance to go out with their buddies. If your man would rather spend all his time with you, then that is a good sign that he loves you. Spending time with his friends is not a sign that he does not, but wanting to be with you as much as he can is a great sign.

If he has started to ask your opinion on important matters, to be interested in what you have to say, listens intently to you when you are speaking and remembers the things that are important to you, you can be sure he loves you. You may have noticed that men, who consider a relationship casual, mainly talk about themselves and what interests them. They may appear bored when you start talking about other topics.

More than 98% of the time, if a guy likes you, then he is going to be around you. It doesn't matter if he is not talking directly to you or even blatantly ignoring you. Even if he is making fun of you, picking fights or punching you in the arm and then running away. One way or another, no matter what he is doing, he is doing it around you, and I guarantee you, this is true for men of all ages.

This doesn't mean that your interested man is going to be right next to you, or even within a few feet of you. But typically, if he is interested in you, he will find reasons to be close to you, even if that closeness means that he is only able to look at you from across the room.

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He gives you the freedom to express and be yourself. If your boyfriend makes it a point to avoid dominating you and lets you be your natural self, then there can be no two ways to the way he feels. He loves you for what you are and does not wish to change a thing about you! Freedom of expression and being the true ‘you' is very much required to have a relationship that's for keeps!

Actions are far more likely to demonstrate true intentions than are words, words are cheap. She wants to know, does he love me? Either may want to know when to say I love you and both probably want to hear it. Ladies, if he loves you, let his words be backed up by his actions, let him get you a ring! Don't give yourselves up prematurely, if you do it will cost you significant emotional pain, keep your self respect and your dignity.

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Does He Really Love Me Signs

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This article was published on 2010/09/17
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