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Some of us are just not satisfied with anything - every month some researcher thinks that he has found something new and then begins the process of making new things. Take a clone for instance - we will have many look alike beings. Where designer babies are concerned people will start filling forms at the office that ask if they want black hair or red or blue eyes or green or white skinned or dark etc etc. The list is endless.

Diseases too will be discovered where medicines are not found just like aids, which was not heard of a few decades ago and a cure has not yet been found. So when we have so many unfinished jobs to be done just going on to new projects means that the jobs left unfinished are a thorn in the flesh and researchers do not like to be reminded that they failed to finish the previous job. They like to run away to the playground to make noises about their new game till that becomes a thorn in the flesh and they run again to another new game.

Where is the love? Sometimes I think everyone has forgotten to love others just for what they are without change? Is it so hard to love the things that God gives? Why do we feel this urge to better the life God created when we do not better our own selves? God gave us everything we have so that we would live contentedly. When did we start to think we were better than God? All originates from God and to think otherwise is sheer folly.

I would give all to love that originates from God. 

Love can never be found in humans that try to change natures' way and it will not be long before humans know nature is stronger than man.

Actually the only thing God expects a human to do is love but are we in the listening mode.

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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Designer Babies

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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