Defining Love

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Defining Love

The night sky was clear with stars and the full moon.

Looking to the nature the traveler's mind was filled with love,serenity and ecstasy.

He was realising love in his heart towards all things and beings.

Trying to define 'love' his mind was being filled with creative talents.


Since time immemorial love is there in the universe.

With out love the universe can not exist and can not be nourished.

'where from love came'-was astonishing the traveler.

The questions like-why we love,what is the nature of love were entering his mind.


Slowly,silently and convincingly he was deriving the definitions of love.

Love is a rose flower in a winter morning moistened with dew drops.

Where ever we go we see love is staring us giving us hope and encouragement.

Love is the super manifestation of man's thought processes.


Love and consciousness are interrelated and each is nourished by the other.

It is the cortical manifestation of supracortical consciousness.

Love is a beautiful flower of human personality.

It's fragrance travels far and binds the people around the globe.


Love is echoed from the farthest corner of the universe.

If we love the universe and everything in it we hear it's echo.

What ever we ask the universe we get it.

This is a loving universe and it gives us everything out of seer love and affection.


The origin of love was a question mark for the traveler.

Where from it comes and where it goes when we leave the world-for this there was no answer with the traveler.

Love remains for ever,it is eternal irrespective of whether we live or die.

It is a binding force in the society irrespective of caste,creed and color.


Love gives us everything in our life.

It comes in the form of success and failure,pleasure and pain,happiness and grief,joy and frustrations.

It never leaves us till our last breath.

It is filled in each cell of our body for which each morning we come out lively and fresh.


After so much of analysis the traveler was not satisfied.

He was feeling that he was unable to arrive at a concrete definition of love.

Even 'Love is God' was also not satisfying his hungry mind.

He was looking to the nature with a love filled mind.


When he was totally merged in universal love he sensed the word.

Love is there in each bit of our activity: conscious or sub conscious.

It is there in our breath,in our look and in our thoughts,words and deeds and in each bit of our heart.

If we have love in each bit of our activity we will find the definitions of love all the time.


Love can be defined by love itself and it is a superior definition.

Being emerged in universal love the traveler was closely seeing his life,his past,present and future.

He was sensing a lot of success in the rest part of his life.

His dreams and hopes were staring on his face giving him ever everlasting  and soul stirring smile.




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Defining Love

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This article was published on 2010/12/04