Act Like You Don't Care For Him Anymore - It Will Make Your Ex Boyfriend Desperate For Your Love

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The problem most women have when their boyfriend breaks up with them is, they think he does not love them anymore. That makes them desperate to get him back. So, they run after him screaming they cannot live without him. If you have been guilty of this, you have to stop chasing him right now. To make him desperate for your love, act like you don't care for him anymore.

You have to get a grip on your emotions and give him time to cool off before you have any contact with your ex boyfriend. You have to let him think about what he has done. He does not really want to lose you, but something got him upset and he run off to pout. If you leave him alone, he will soon realize his mistake in breaking up with you. Once he starts having second thoughts about the split, it will make it much easier to get your ex back.

When you ignore him and act like you don't care for him anymore, you are the same as rejecting him. Men do not handle rejection too well, it causes a bruise to their ego and pride. Let him see how it feels not to be wanted and his attitude will change fast. If you continue to tell him you need him and love him that will never happen. Give him a few weeks of being ignored and experiencing life without you and he will start to wonder why you no longer want him back.

Men are more sensitive than you may think and he will be feeling as if he has been dumped. This is what you want to happen. Remember how you felt when he dumped you? Your ex boyfriend will begin to have the same feeling that were causing you to be desperate for his love. He will become desperate for your love and want to get you back. This puts you on familiar ground. You are right back where you started. He feels you are out of his reach again and all you have to do is play hard to get. Keep ignoring him and he will keep chasing you.

The way to get your ex boyfriend back after a breakup, is not to chase him, but act like you don't care for him anymore. This will make him see what his life is like without you. He will start kicking himself for ever letting you go and he will make him desperate to get you back. When that happens, you will be getting the man you love back.

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Act Like You Don't Care For Him Anymore - It Will Make Your Ex Boyfriend Desperate For Your Love

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Act Like You Don't Care For Him Anymore - It Will Make Your Ex Boyfriend Desperate For Your Love

This article was published on 2010/09/26
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