3 Signs He's in Love With You - How to Tell If a Man is in Love (This Really Works!)

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Does he really love me? How can I tell? What are the signs that he's SERIOUS about our relationship? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do...let's take a quick and insightful look at some of the common signs a man is in love with you, and the easiest way to find out if he is extremely fast! Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

The TOP sign a man is in love?

Jealousy! Even if he isn't the envious type, a man who is love can't stand when his girl is talking to another guy...PERIOD! (especially if the guy she's talking to is attractive and interested in her as well) A guy who doesn't care is a serious warning sign that he may NOT be as in to you as you think...and while too MUCH jealousy is never a good thing, in my view, a little bit can go a long,long way!

The second sign?

PDA. The ignominious public displays of affection that his FRIENDS will laugh at when they see how he can't keep his hands, eyes and AFFECTION off of you in public. The truth is, a man in love simply doesn't care. He wants nothing more than YOU...and he'll brave the wrath, and jokes of his friends to lavish you with attention. (a good sign indeed!)

The LAST (but NOT least) sign I tell our readers to look for?

Your GUT! Use it...it can often tell you FAR more about his feelings than his friends, your friends or even his OWN words. We each have an amazing amount of natural intuition and I'm a BIG believer in emotional energy and empathy alike. Said differently...EVERYONE knows who their TRUE soul mate is already, and when you FEEL the signs deep inside of you, rather than feeling the need to see them in him, that's when you TRULY know that he is in love.

Bonus Tip:

Have you ever talked to a love psychic...or emotional em path? It may surprise lots of our regular readers to know we DO! It may NOT be the right choice for you...but for lots of women who do not want to waste time wondering...it can be the FASTEST path to figuring out what he's REALLY thinking, planning and feeling...without wasting another day with the wrong man...


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3 Signs He's in Love With You - How to Tell If a Man is in Love (This Really Works!)

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3 Signs He's in Love With You - How to Tell If a Man is in Love (This Really Works!)

This article was published on 2011/05/05