10 Sure Signs He is Falling In Love

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Rule number one when deciding if he is falling in love with you is pay little attention to his words and watch his actions.  His actions will show you how he really feels about you.  Guys can tell you anything.  Ignore, ignore ignore.  It's in what he does.

1. Is he proud to have you on his arm.  Does he take you around his friends and hold you hand and show you affection in front of them?  Being happy and proud to have you accompany him is a sign.

2. Does he make time to see you?  If he is locking down your time especially on weekends he wants to make sure no one else snatches you up.  He is falling if he just has to see you.

3.  Does he want to see you even if it's just for a few minutes.  This is a sure sign a guy is falling.  If he will drive out of his way at an odd time just for a few minutes of your time or to steal one kill, you can be he is into you.

4.  If and when you are having sex, if he looks into your eyes and is completely present this is a good sign.  If he is very conscious of your needs being met between the sheets he may be smitten.  If he communicates with you in the bedroom, even better

5.  He cares if you are safe.  Let's say your breaks are bad on your car.  If he is not a mechanical type and can fix them himself, he nags you to death until you take care of it.

6.  You catch him staring at you.  He is almost always got you in his line of vision.  If he is very in tune to your where abouts when out (without being jealous), is a sign he is falling in love.

7.  One other sign he is falling in love is when he stays in contact on a consistent basis.  You are never wondering is he not going to call.  You just know he will.  He contacts you daily almost always.

8.  He is falling in love if he does things you want to do with no nagging or complaining on your part.  He does this because he wants you to be happy.

9.  If he cares what your friends think of him, that is one of the signs he is falling in love.  If he spends time getting to know them and impress them, he is falling for sure.

10.  If you call him when you need help with something and he comes running, this man cares.  He does not want to let you down.  He is falling in love.


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10 Sure Signs He is Falling In Love

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This article was published on 2010/09/24
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